Worlds Longest Bus Begins Work

Governments across the globe are slowly but surely waking up to environmental concerns and the impact of inner city pollution as well as seeing the need for public transportation that not only helps the environment but assist its population in getting from A to B.

Brazil in Latin America has been at the forefront in becoming an eco friendly nation and have just released what they say is an eco friendly bus and the worlds largest at the same time.

Manufactured by Volvo in Brazil, this bus measures a staggering 28 metres in length, is 2.6 metres wide and has the capacity of seating 177 passengers.

Curitiba City Hall unveiled the bus on April 5th and put it into service on the 6th. The bus runs on biodiesel made from soybeans. City Hall officials said that the bus can make its 22.4 kilometres route, with nine stops, in 25 minutes. That is 10 minutes less than conventional buses.

“It’s a modern bus, a comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicle, ensuring better quality of public transport for the city of Curitiba,” said Luciano Ducci, Mayor of Curitiba, capital of the southern Brazilian state of Parana at the launching ceremony of the new bus service.

The bus also has a sensor that sends a signal to the traffic lights ahead to turn to a green light at the time the bus approaches a road crossing, thereby reducing waiting time in traffic.

Curitiba, nicknamed “the smiling city”, is the eighth largest city in Brazil and one of the most prosperous in the country. The city is considered one of the best examples of urban planning worldwide because of its urban solutions and respect for the environment.